Technology is not only the main focus of my job, but also my personal life. I love technology, gadgets, gizmos, whatever else you want to call them. There is not much that I won’t try if it is technological, and that extends even to my most personal of life.

What I`m talking about is a beard trimmer of course! (what else were you thinking?) If you haven’t tried these handy bathroom gadgets, you are missing out. To get you to understand why I`m writing this, here is a little backstory. As a a man in his mid 40s, I just can’t go out completely shaven anymore. It makes me look like I am trying to be young and I personally believe it has a negative effect on the ladies.

Therefore, I am always needing to trim down my beard to a stubble length so that I can look both rugged and presentable. The problem was that I was using scissors previously, and it would take like half an hour just to get everything at an even length! Talk about annoying. Then, I was just browsing around online, and I just randomly stumbled on an article detailing these top beard trimmers. Before you think I`m dumb, I just want you to know that I HAVE seen these products around in the pharmacy before, but never really payed attention to them. I thought they were just hunks of junk that break easily and don’t really work well.

Damn, I`ve Missing Out

I mean, I personally bought the Philips Norelco stubble trimmer, and boy was I impressed. I effectively trimmed down my beard to the perfect stubble length that I always crave for… in guess how long…. 3 minutes. Yes, I pretty much cut down my morning routine by 27 minutes. How crazy is that? This is why I love technology. For a man who boasts and talks about these advancements day in and day out, to have missed out on something so ingenious because of my ignorance truly makes me feel like a caveman.

The ease of use on these products is insane that my 5 year old son could trim his little hairs down if he had any. So the point of this, if anything, is to always keep track of gadgets that come out and to at least test them out once. You never know what you’re gonna discover after all! The NY Times did a great article on gadgets you need, so check it out and have some fun.

PS: I am going to be running for local office in my hometown, and I won’t be able to update this blog as often as I would like. If you have any inquiries you absolutely need answered, or want to wish me good luck and perhaps drive down here and vote for me, shoot me a message by filling out the form to your right.

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