NCMR Panel: Where we’ll take it

Free Press has put up the audio of my panel from the National Conference for Media Reform. It’s 1 hour and 15 minutes long.


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Garlin’s interview on the Color of Change – Michael Baisden situation


Yesterday evening I was interviewd by George Cooper from Let’s Talk Honestly as part of his LTH Special Report: Why black bloggers are mad at Michael Baisden.

My piece begins at the 14.18 mark and lasts for approximately 8 minutes, through 22.32, but I encourage you to listen to the voices and perspectives of the other Black bloggers featured. They are:

  • Dwight Hunter, exodusmentality
  • Yobachi Boswell,
  • Gina McCauley,

We’ve stated our position here, and this interview was a chance to communicate it on another platform. The issue to me is about embracing the next generation of activism and respecting the results that online activism has produced. The SuperSpade, Color of Change, and members of the blacknetaction coalition are committed to making a difference today, tomorrow, and beyond in a transparent, accountable, and measurable way.

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Podcast on the Importance of a Public Internet

May 30, 2007

Last week I recorded my first podcast for the Northwest Progressive Institute, a Washington-based think tank for which I serve as Senior Policy Analyst for Technology.

The title is “Reframing Net Neutrality,” and it talks about why an accessible and public and non-discriminatory Internet is important to preserve. You can listen to the audio here.

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The SuperSpade’s Air America Radio Interview with The Young Turks

March 16, 2007

Thank you everyone that listened live to my interview (11 min 12 sec, 10.2 MB, mp3 file) this morning.

I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the ObamaSharpton squabble, Obama’sdealings with “traditional” Black political leadership, and briefly the Congressional Black Caucus Institute considering partnering with Fox News to air their upcoming Presidential debates.

For those that missed it, you can listen the interview here. A big Thank You from TheSuperSpade to Ben & Cenk of The Young Turks and and Air America Radio.

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Barack Obama
Black Issues

The SuperSpade with The Young Turks on Air America Radio

March 15, 2007

I will be a guest on The Young Turks on Air America Radio on Friday, 16 Mar 2007, at 7 AM Eastern. Here are the ways you can listen:

  • Satellite Radio: XM Channel 167
  • Your Local Air America Radio Affiliate
  • Live streaming at Air America’s website
  • The Young Turks Website

This will be a conversation concerning Al Sharpton questioning Barack Obama, as well as Fox New’s attacks on Black people.

As always, I will try and get audio from the interview up here on the site as soon as I can. Listen and Enjoy!

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The SuperSpade Black History Month Presentation

March 3, 2007

This past Tuesday, 28 February 2007, I had the honor of being the keynote speaker atSeattle’s Central Youth & Family Services Black History Month Program.

Here is a link to my short address (WAV Format, 9 min 6 seconds, 8.33 MB). I talked about the importance of finding mentors and connecting with people that have experiences in areas that you care about and are interested in.

The entire program was a lot of fun, and there was food, trivia, and good times all around. I got to stay and connect with many of the people in CYFS’s programs and talk with staff members too.

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Black History Month

The SuperSpade on ‘Integrating with Alternative Media’

February 11, 2007

I have recently joined a group called the Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI). Yesterday, I participated in a panel discussion called “Integrating with Alternative Media,” and these are a few things I talked about:

– The importance of media & communication to revolution
– Reaching out to more people by using multimedia (audio, video)
– Reaching more people by partnering with alternative media (Public TV, Low Power FM Radio, etc.)

There’s more in there as well, including why it is important to connect and work with ethnic media, the largest for of alternative media.

Integrating with Alternative Media (Windows Media Audio, 16 min 50 sec, 7.79 MB)

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The SuperSpade Interview on Radio Nation with Dr. Laura Flanders

January 15, 2007


Here is the audio (1 min 51 sec, wav file) from my brief interview on Radio Nation with Dr. Laura Flanders this past Saturday night while I was in Memphis, TN at the Free Press National Conference on Media Reform. I used this time to describe what the mission and vision of The SuperSpade is to a broad audience.

This gathering was one of the most inspiring and energizing assemblies that I have ever attended. I will reflect more on the conference, who I met, and what I learned a bit later. The SuperSpade was very well received.

I am back in Seattle for all of one day before I go to Detroit for a few days this week.

Happy MLK Day everyone. Use this as a day of learning and not of laziness.

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Radio Interview

The SuperSpade Interview with Chuck D on “On The Real”

November 27, 2006

I let you all know that I was going to be a guest of Chuck D on his show, “On The Real,” on Air America Radio last night. My piece was short and sweet, but I am always thankful for the opportunity to share my vision with anyone about how I want to change the way that we think about technology and the way that we think about addressing the challenges that we face everyday.

For your listening pleasure, you can here me and Chuck here (3.33).

Big thanks go to Chuck D and Dave at Air America for securing this platform for The SuperSpade. We will definitely be working together again in the future.

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The SuperSpade on Air America Radio

November 26, 2006

As I let you all know, I had an amazing time in Boston a couple of weeks ago.  While I was there, I met a lot of phenomenal people who are doing great things in media.  One such person was Chuck D, who you may know from his Public Enemy days a little while back.

Well, you can here me and Chuck on his radio show, “On the Real,” on XM Satellite Radio tonight around 1230 AM EST.  If you don’t have access to an XM Radio, you canclick here to listen live online.  We will be talking about The SuperSpade and other ways that myself and others are affecting the offline world online.


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